About Us

On the right is a photo of Rich Donegan, the owner and operator of the Rich Donegan Home Craftsman Company. He has been studying or working in the fine woodworking and construction trades since 1973. Rich is one of those lucky people who really enjoys his work and the end results show this to be true.

Once you have seen some of his outstanding creations you will know this is a highly skilled craftsman who really takes pride in his work

Here you see Rich working from the mobile workshop which is in his main truck. It makes his work a lot faster and avoids multiple trips for that special tool or piece of hardware that someone "forgot." This greatly reduces delays and insures that your job will be completed in a timely manner.
Here is the large utility truck which is equipped with a generator and compressor and all the necessary construction tools. It also contains a large selection of small hardware which helps the job progress more smoothly.
This is my smaller truck, great for quick one-day jobs if needed. It can carry extra tools, supplies, and equipment. This works well if we need to work in two locations in the same day or have a large project that requires more than we can carry in the large utility truck.